Falling through the cracks: Perth’s most vulnerable women and children

Domestic violence is an epidemic not only in Australia, but in some other countries around the world. Domestic violence victims and domestic violence predators can be anyone regardless of gender, but most victims are women and children. This is particularly true here in www.jr62.ne.

Domestic violence does not only involve two people, but it involves the entire family. Unlike our stereotypes, domestic violence happens to the wealthy, educated, and even most popular people in the country.

Statistically, domestic violence knows nothing about socioeconomic, racial, educational, or religious boundaries. All of us can learn and unlearn domestic violence; it is important to identify the forms of abuse, why women stay, programs available and changes that can be made to lower rising statistics for our future generations.

There are many causes of domestic violence against women and children, but one of the most common causes is alcohol and drug abuse. When husbands, partners or boyfriends who are under the influence of any of such substances. Some causes stem from abusers who have learned the behaviour from their early childhood years. It has been observed that most men, who witness domestic violence as children, grow up to be “abusers.” Meanwhile, women suffering similar childhoods grow up to be “victims”.

Whenever you become a subject to domestic violence, or you observe it happening with someone else, the first thing you should do is to report to the police. There are various organizations that provide support to children and women suffering from this epidemic. If you are suffering from abuse, you can obtain counselling by telephone.

The worst about domestic violence is that not all wants to leave their abusive conditions. In Perth, there are a high number of domestic violence cases and women and children are so vulnerable.

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