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Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

Nowadays, creativity seems to be a quality greatly in demand, especially to small business owners in Perth. Many of us are searching for creative solutions to a plethora of issues varying sizes surfacing life and more especially in work and business.

Perth Business NewsGreat leadership is extremely important when you run or manage a company or organisation regardless of its size or nature. If you want to become a great leader, you should know how to creatively respond to economic challenges you face. You need to apply your own kinds of action-oriented logic to problems to help them find new wisdom, discover opportunities or see the facts in different ways.

Another creative quality a great leader posses is the ability to cope up with unexpected problems such as rising crime and threat of terrorism, flood, earthquakes, typhoons and other environmental catastrophes.

A creative leader also has the ability to stay composed during tough economic times because he or she can manage the business when resources become scarce.

In other words, if we had to visualise what a creative leader might be like we might start by saying they are people who have deep insight, abundant personal energy, a flexible thinking style and great communication skills.

An article published by Fast Company, there are 4 commonly overlooked reasons why creative leaders succeed. Read the full blog post here: